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Client Showcase

LaJena James

Album Cover Photoshoot

September 2016

Louisiana Native, LAJENA JAMES, earliest memory of singing was at the age of 5 when she appeared on the Earnie Miles Show with the Concordia Mass Choir. At that time the youngest and smallest in stature with the largest presence there known for “never missing a note.” 


Currently, LaJena is working on her first solo project; which will debut very soon. This debut will follow the release of her new single, "Wanna Be Free". She wrote this song because she was in a place of feeling stuck in life. As she begin to study the word of God more, He reminded her that she if FREE to be all she was called to be in Christ and no person, place or thing could take that away from her. That was the birth of the single. She models her music style after the likes of Tasha Cobbs, Erica Campbell and Kierra Sheard. When writing songs, LaJena pulls from life experiences and shares how God brought her through those situations. 

Danielle Kemp


September 2016

Danielle Kemp founder of is a healthy living and lifestyle expert whose mission is to help African American women develop healthy lifestyle habits that will allow them to focus on their God-Given purpose. She recognizes that women are natural givers and over achievers; at work, at home with our children, family and friends. But, seldom do we stop and give back to ourselves, even in some of the most basic life necessities such as efficient sleep.


With our Modern American Diet “MAD” we are nutrient deficient at a cellular level, and full of toxins built up throughout our lifetime; which makes our energy levels extremely low. So not only are we tried all the time, but we are overweight and sick. This state of being makes us moody, endlessly fatigued, easily frustrated with our loved ones and unable to complete our daily tasks. In this state we are not ourselves, we are not the loving, patient, longsuffering women of purpose that God has destined us to be.


Danielle’s goal is to provide women with the tools needed to get them back to who God designed them to be through physical, mental and spiritual lifestyle changes. She teaches women all over the world the world how to transition to plant based nutrition plans while motivating and encouraging women to be more physically active with self-discipline and self determination.

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