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About Me

Jeralyn Sims


​Jeralyn Sims is  the mother of her beautiful daughter Jurnee Dior. Jeralyn loves reading, writing, traveling, fashion and spending time with her friends and family. A graduate of Grambling State University, she is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, has a BA in Political Science and an MPA. One of her deepest desires has been to become a business owner.  With faith and hard work she has been able to make that dream come true. 


Growing up Jeralyn was surrounded by numerous fashionistas and debonair gentlemen who influenced her love for all things fashion. She recalls playing dress up in her mother’s clothes, walking around in her shoes, playing in her aunties jewelry boxes, and being in awe of the elegance the women around her exemplified. The J stands for her first name of course, while Shondrelle is a twist on her middle name which was coined by a special auntie.


As the Owner/CEO of JShondrelle, LLC, Jeralyn desires for her company to be a representation of how she expresses herself through fashion. JShondrelle’s motto is “The Exemplification of Style and Grace”.  JShondrelle houses an online boutique where she provides high-end pieces to enable every woman to be an exemplification of style and grace.  

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